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Check your thermostat

Check that the thermostat is in cool mode and set point is below room temperature


Make sure your filter is clean

1 inch filters should be changed frequently, media filters are to be changed according to manufactures specs


Filters are usually located inside the unit or in a ceiling grill


Check outdoor disconnect box

Make sure the power is on to your AC unit


Disconnects are located within 6 feet of the AC unit


Check all circuit breakers

Check that all circuit breakers are in the on position


Circuit breaker panels are usualy located in the basement or garage, though sometimes can be in other locations


Units that are located in attic

Check to see if there is any standing water in pan located under the unit

If so, remove the water for temporary AC and call for service


Units that are located in basement

Check to see that the condensate pump is plugged into a working outlet

If the outlet is a GFI make sure it is not tripped



Does your AC work?

If the previous steps did not resolve your cooling issues, Call for service

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